Zuckerberg and his own Jarvis


The Facebook CEO has created a virtual assistant inspired by the Artificial Intelligence system developed by Marvel hero Tony Stark. Although circumscribed to his own home, Mark Zuckerberg suggests that this may be the beginning of a new product.

It’s called Jarvis and is the “digital butler” of the executive director of the world’s largest social network, Facebook. This can open doors, identify visitors, turn lights on and off, pick and play music, and even toss “cannon” t-shirts from the young billionaire’s closet.

According to Reuters, this Artificial Intelligence was developed by Mark Zuckerberg, during about 100 hours of his free time throughout this year of 2016. Although it was created exclusively for his personal residence, this product can mark the beginning of A new category in Facebook’s product portfolio.

This project was initially revealed at the end of August, as TeK already reported, but the mystery surrounding this new technology was still too much and the details were scarce.

In an interview with Fast Company, the executive said he intends to make the work public, or at least part of it, work he has developed to create his own Jarvis. In addition, Zuckerberg further reveals that he hopes that this Artificial Intelligence technology may in the future be made available to users in general.

The CEO also explained that the development of this technology was not an easy task.

Zuckerberg points out that he faced a number of bottlenecks during the creation of Jarvis, notably the limited supply of existing connected devices and the lack of standards governing communications between them.

Baptized in honor of Artificial Intelligence created by the Avenger Tony Stark, who gives life to the Iron Man, the “virtual butler”, said Zuckerberg, “is able to respond more effectively to less specific commands like: put a song to play”.

If it ever gets to be marketed, this technology will be in direct competition with existing virtual wizards such as Amazon’s Alexa and Google Assistant.