It will pass an asteroid near the planet Earth


A large asteroid, more precisely, about the size of 6 football fields, will pass next to planet Earth, this Wednesday, April 19. The asteroid is approximately 650 meters long and will pass 4.5 times that of the Moon. This can be seen with a small telescope.

This 650-meter-long asteroid, roughly the size of 6 football fields, will pass just 1.8 million kilometers from Earth, the announcement was made by space agency NASA. This distance corresponds to 4.5 times the distance between our planet and the Moon.

Although there is no chance that the asteroid will collide with the planet Earth, it guarantees the North American space agency, that is, for all Effects, a very large and rare approximation for an object of this size to perform. From the night of Wednesday until the evening of the following day, the asteroid can be seen crossing the night sky with the aid of a small telescope.

The official name of this asteroid is 2014 JO25, and this was discovered in May 2014. This is part of the group “NEO” or “Near-Earth Objects” because it is a celestial body whose trajectory approaches both the Earth, which may even come to collide with the planet. Some analyzes carried out by astronomers of the Catalina Sky Survey in Tucson, Arizona (USA), a NASA project in partnership with the University of Arizona, allowed to fully study the trajectory of the space object and to know that it has a surface twice as large Reflective of the Moon. However, scientists still hope to take this opportunity to learn more about the physical characteristics of the object.

It is quite common for Earth and small asteroid orbits to approach, but this is the first time since September 2004 that an asteroid of these dimensions is so close to our planet. About thirteen years ago, the asteroid Toutatis (4.6 kilometers long) approached a distance equivalent to four times that separates Earth from the Moon.

It was thus the closest approach to Earth of a celestial body So great ever recorded.
For now, it is only ten years from now that we will be able to see such a great rapprochement again. In 2027, the 1999 asteroid AN10 (800 meters long) will approach a lunar distance.