What a second is like in the Internet life?


How much does a second mean in the Internet? Well, for starters in that amount of time, 2,180 skype calls would have been started, and more than 730 posts will emerge in Instagram! Amazed? Now just imagine what happens during a day…

The Internet never stops growing, and does so lightning fast: today we have 3.4 billion people online (46.1 % of the global population), and the common young adult spends an average of 27 hours online per week.

It’s true that having access to the whole online world in our pockets at the distance of a touch, has a lot to do with it, because of that, we don’t need to get to our desktop computer or open our laptop to access the digital world.

But let’s check a few more curious statistics from the 1-second page at Internet Live Stats.

Every second 36,050GB of data are transmitted, which is about 5,800 HD copies of the Lord of The Rings: The Fellowship of the Ring movie. (Which is indeed a long movie)

In that same amount of time, users all over the world perform 54,975 Google searches, 7,257 tweets, 125,695 YouTube video views and send about 2,502,170 e-mails, and these numbers are constantly increasing since the web users number are always getting bigger.

Internet Live Stats also states that the total of websites online today are a little over 1 billion, and about 1.7 billion of web users have Facebook accounts, all this according to more than 250 sources and using a custom algorithm to try to predict what’s happening online.

Fun fact from the site: did you know that back in 1999, Google took about a month to index 50 million pages? Nowadays, with their current technology, the same job will take under a minute.