Vitiligo: skin color successfully restored


In an incredible new approach, scientists from Yale have been able to restore the skin tone in a patient suffering from vitiligo. This is the first this was accomplished, and it was due to a prior research that tested if the use of arthritis medication in order to treat vitiligo would had any effect.

The study had very positive results, so the team of dermatologists, decided to use a new combination, with the prior medication and light, in order to restore the skin color in the affected patients.

The leader of the team, Brett King, and his colleagues reported results of at least two patients who had significant loss of skin color due to the condition, a chronic autoimmune disease that destroys skin pigment while leaving white zones in the affected parts, and these patients were unable to restore the pigmentation through regular steroid creams and light combination treatment.

The research team then decided to try to combine the medication named tofacitinib, with narrow band ultraviolet B light therapy, and in the most recent experiments, the doctors King and John Harris, who is a dermatologist at the University of Massachusetts-Worcester, have proved that the use of that specific medication, have prevented the immune system from attacking its owner skin cells, responsible for producing the melanin pigment, while the light approach stimulate the pigment-making cells to restore the color to the affected skin.

After a few months receiving the described combined treatment, there were incredible improvements as the researchers reported, with a patient having had a near-total restoration of the skin color on her face, neck, chest, forearms and shins, and other having had a very similar success with the treatment.

These are wonderful news, has millions of persons everyday are discriminated due to suffering from vitiligo, and we hope that soon, the treatment can be available to all those suffering from the condition, so they can have a more normal life.