A Viking fabric with the word Allah was found


A set of Viking burial clothes, were found and revealed an incredible surprise, was inscribed in Kufic Geometric calligraphy, the words “Ali” and “Allah” in silver color.

This incredible discovery represents the first time that the word “Ali” is found in historical artifacts in Scandinavia, and although it sounds like an incredible discovery at first glance, it is not that unusual. This inscription has already been found in about 10 pieces of fabrics, in a set of 100, dating from the 9th and 10th centuries, and also in viking-era mortuary chambers such as Birka in Sweden.

This discovery shows us that the Viking period did not focus solely on the Nordic Gods, and that these were in fact in close contact with other cultures, such as the Islamic world.

The evidence of the connection between the Muslim and Viking worlds has been appearing over the years, and in 2009 the discovery was made that the Viking Ara swords used techniques from the Arab world.

Already in 2008, a set of Arab coins from the Viking era in Sweden was found, and also two years ago a ring was found in Birka, with the Arabic inscription “A Allah”.

Although the word “Ali” was simple to decipher in the piece of cloth, the word “Allah” was a bit tricky to decipher, since it was written in the reverse horizontal direction. The reason for this is unclear, but it is thought that this must have been misrepresented initially, and it is possible that the Vikings did not only exchange goods with the Muslim world, but also ideas and the method of burial of the dead.