Video offers visit to Tesla’s Model S and Model X factory


For the first time in five years, Tesla allowed TV cameras into its Fremont factory where both the Model S and Model X are being manufactured. And speaking to the degree of secrecy that Tesla demands, even casual visitors to the facility are not allowed to tour the space if they have any cameras or recording devices in their possession.

Recently, Jeffrey Schaub of CBS5 KPIX in San Francisco was granted special access to Tesla’s Fremont factory, providing us with an up to date and fascinating look at where Tesla’s revered vehicles are put together. The company’s Fremont factory is gigantic in its own right, stretching out over 1 mile long and taking up more than 5 million square feet.

Not surprisingly, advanced manufacturing robots can be found within Tesla’s manufacturing plant at every turn. Interestingly enough, Schaub at one points relays that two of the robots at Tesla’s Fremont plant are the “biggest in the world” and are capable of doing five different things at once.

If you’re at all intrigued by Tesla’s fleet of advanced robots, this National Geographic documentary on Tesla’s factory is required viewing.