The value of Bitcoin has already exceeded $10000


The criptocurrency was worth a thousand dollars earlier this year, but now, it has already surpassed the historical mark of $ 10,000, and there are no signs of a reduction in the near future.

Bitcoin is a digital currency of the decentralized crypto-type, and it is also an alternative economic system. It was presented in 2008 on the The Cryptography Mailing mailing list and was considered to be the first decentralized digital world currency and responsible for the resurgence of the free banking system.

Although it has undergone some oscillations during this year in terms of its appreciation, having fallen in September to below $ 4,000, the value of the digital currency reached this week at the level of 10 thousand dollars (around 8,500 euros).

Thomas Gluscksmann, an analyst at Gatecoin, told Bloomberg that “the 10,000-dollar stratospheric barrier is more likely to bring more investors”.

Speaking of the digital economy, Bitcoin is supported by a cryptographic consensus protocol that determines its creation rate as well as the maximum available amount, which is 21 million in the year 2140. The protocol is executed by a decentralized network of computers, who, in turn, process all monetary transactions and then record them in a public book called Blockchain.

Bitcoin can also be easily compared to a peer-to-peer file-sharing platform, however, in this case it only involves two users and relies on the money transaction. That is, an individual can send a certain amount of money to another without this action passing through banks, and thus not subject to any type of commissions among other possible rates existing and applicable.

That is, the money exchange is thus confidential and encrypted, taking every transaction about 15 to 60 minutes to complete. And this “secret” format makes Bitcoin an excellent choice for anyone who wants to transfer large amounts of undeclared money.