Tomb of Viking leader discovered in Iceland


A body discovery of a great Viking leader was brewed in Iceland, the remains with his side a boat, a sword and his dog’s bones. This is a rather rare find and no doubt bears witness to the times of colonization in Iceland.

It was a team of archaeologists who discovered the tombs of four Viking leaders situated north of the town of Akureyri, an important archaeological site in Iceland. Among them he is at his disposal and knows more influential and rich, since as his daring were found buried next to his pet dog, a sword and also a boat. It is estimated that the four men must have died between the ninth and tenth centuries, just as reported in El Español.

This version has a long list of corrections, changes, and new developments that significantly improve functioning. The tombs were found in the Dysnes region, one less than a kilometer from Gáseyri, an important commercial crossing point very close to the Eyjafjördur fjord. This is a discovery made even more important since it testifies part of the history of the region, since Iceland was colonized by Vikings in the ninth century, that date dates from these tombs.

It is estimated that this boat is very valuable because it is made of wood, in Iceland), however, this one is damaged by the erosion provoked by the sea. But this is only the tenth boat-tomb found in Iceland. In addition, a sword is taken into account throughout the world, bodies were rarely buried alongside its weapons.

A more recent finding of a Viking sword buried in September 2007, when Björn Árni Valdimarsson and four other cauladores ventured into southern Iceland and discovered a weapon by accident and already discovered. As the later scientific analysis allowed to discover that this was sword of century X.