Titanic II will follow the route of the original in 2022


We all know the story of the Titanic, which crashed into an iceberg, and even made a movie, and now, in 2022, the new version of this ship prepares to set sail, following once again the route of its predecessor.

The ship, owned by the Australian company Blue Star Line, is a near-perfect visual replica of the cursed ship that sank in 1912 following the crash against an iceberg, with a large part of the crew and occupants found dead, and the tragedy was even represented in a movie, with renowned actors such as Leonardo DiCaprio and Kate Winslet in the main roles.

But although the ship intends to follow the same inaugural route between Southampton and New York City, it is not intended by the company to engage in any kind of Iceberg crash or suffer any kind of misfortune, for although this ship is a replica of the most famous wreck in modern history, the new version features much more advanced security systems as well as cutting-edge navigation technologies.

The Titanic II will have the capacity to carry around 2400 passengers and 900 crew members and will have an interior appearance and design that will be very similar to the original, even maintaining the incredible staircase of the Titanic. This project is the result of several years of development, having its execution and construction been announced in 2013, and although this project has found some financial impasses along the way, it is now in route to be finished and to float for its inaugural journey in 2022.

The company will create a new headquarters in Paris, in view of Brexit’s possible risks, and the lack of concrete post-Brexit information on any cooperation agreement between the UK and the European Union, and the new European headquarters should be inaugurated sometime in the first quarter of 2019.