Tinder was the most subscribed app in 2019


A study by Sensor Tower reveals that consumers in the United States spent more than $ 4.6 billion on subscription services for applications in 2019. The figure represents a 21% increase over 2018, a year in which the North Americans invested $ 3.8 billion.

According to analysts, the revenue generated by subscriptions is equivalent to 19% of the total of US $ 24 billion spent by US users in the digital stores of Apple and Google. Of the top 100 most installed applications in the territory, which do not include mobile games, 96 offer subscription plans.

Sensor Tower reveals that Tinder is the application in which more North American users invest in subscription services, being responsible for 10% of the generated revenues. Although the application offers some paid features, monthly subscriptions to the Tinder Plus and Gold services are the most popular.

With regard to the App Store, analysts indicate that users invested about $ 3.6 billion in 2019, representing 24% of the revenue generated. In the Apple digital store, YouTube is at the top of applications with subscription services, followed by Tinder and Pandora.

In the Play Store, American users spent about $ 1.1 billion last year. Altogether, the amount invested in applications with subscription services corresponds to 13% of the revenues generated by the Google digital store. Pandora leads the top apps with the most installations, followed by Google One and Tinder.

Source: SapoTEK