Tesla’s Model 3 can reach $ 60,000


Model 3, the cheapest model from Tesla, is undoubtedly Elon Musk’s best-known car proposal, yet it’s obviously not within everyone’s reach. The value of the new Model 3 starts at $ 35,000, but increases in value depending on the extras, Autopilot functionality is one of the examples.

Recently unveiled, the new Model 3 will have two main strands. Standard, which costs about 35 thousand dollars, containing a battery with autonomy for about 350 kilometers of travel.

And the second option, a higher value, called Long Range Battery, option in which you have to add to your account about $ 9,000, or a total of $ 44,000 in total.

These are values for the United States which, as with other Tesla models, will most likely not have a direct conversion to euros, but rather an official price set in the European currency – for example, in Portugal, the percentage is usually, between 20 and 30% above the dollar value.

Taking all these numbers into account, it seems that the base price of the new Model 3 from Tesla can increase with options such as color, rims or even a pack of other extras, thus adding another 1,000, 1,500 or 5,000 dollars, respectively.

Although both models are equipped with Autopilot hardware – a set of cameras, sensors and radars, the improved version of the system costs $ 5,000, giving you the right technology to keep the car in the lane, allows you to overtake, follow exits on the freeway and park without any intervention of the driver.

Thus, the total autonomous driving system, in which the car is able to drive entirely by itself, requires a further $ 3,000 in exchange, in addition to the fact that it requires the Enhanced Autopilot version at the start.