Tesla semi-truck caught on photo


An image that possibly contains the Tesla semi on top of a trailer has been published in Reddit. The Internet is a world, and it is possible to find almost everything, and it seems that a Reddit user may have “caught” the new Tesla semi-truck on top of a trailer.

The new Tesla semi, is one hundred percent electric and promises to be revolutionary, and will be presented to the public on October 26, according to what Elon Musk announced on his Twitter last month.

The reason for thinking that the above photo is from the Tesla truck is due to its extreme resemblance to the prototype image that Elon Musk showed at the TED conference last April, still when asked about the image of the new truck, Tesla said only “Tesla’s policy is to decline any kind of comment based on speculation”.

According to data released in August, the autonomy of the new Tesla monster is expected to be around 460 kilometers per charge, which is quite interesting given the normal range of semis, and it is also a very important first step to the implementation of the automation in the transport industry which can not only increase the efficiency of deliveries and transport, but also drastically reduce the number and severity of transport accidents caused by semis, which are usually driven by drivers who drive more hours than they should.

Tesla is completely revolutionizing the transport industry thanks to its electrical technology and making the best use of existing technologies, as well as developing new technologies to complement existing ones, thus making the world more efficient and much safer. If the success of Tesla’s automotive consumer industry replicates in this more commercial branch of the company, we can expect in the very near future, a total revolution of the sector of transporting goods.