Tesla: Robyn Denholm replaces Elon Musk as ChairWoman


As demanded by the SEC after Elon Musk’s controversial tweet in which Musk said he was considering getting the company out of the stock market, paying about $ 420 a share, a situation that never came to fruition because of the lack of commitment from investors who would be a key player in this acquisition, American giant Tesla finally named a person to the position of Elon Musk on the board of directors of the company, and it was the Australian-born Robyn Debholm, who has served on the board for four years, to take office of ChairWoman.

Robyn Debholm is not new to the business world and has been an integral part of the company’s board of directors for the past four years as stated above, not only that, but she was also for several years, the Financial Director of the Australian telecommunications operator, Telstra.

The Australian is expected to take up the new position as soon as she finishes the stipulated period of notice in her actual company of about six months, with Tesla intending a smooth transition from Elon Musk’s direction to Debholm.

In addition to Telstra and Tesla, Australiana has also been involved in other companies such as Juniper Networks, in which she was identified as one of the main responsible for the company’s revenue growth during the nine years in which she led the financial and operations departments, and she was also part of Sun Microsystems and Toyota, having in our humble opinion, a very impressive curriculum, demonstrating the potential needed for the phase that Tesla is going through, in order to reinforce the brand’s profits, as well as solidify the confidence of customers and investors in Tesla .

Elon Musk has not spared praise for the company’s new chairwoman, showing keen interest in working closely with the new president and underscoring the key role it has played for the company over the past four years, and Denholm also spared praise from Musk, revealing that it is a privilege to be able to collaborate in a more fundamental role for the company and that she hopes to be able to help Elon Musk in his mission to make Tesla the first car manufacturer in the United States to succeed and profit in the last hundred years.