Tesla Model X is the safest SUV on the market


The Model X has just become the safest SUV in the world by reaching 5 stars in all categories of the American crash test, thus reaching the same level as Model S had already achieved. The news were given by Tesla itself in a blog article.

“We have created the Model X to be the safest SUV ever and today (June 14th), some data has been announced by an independent entity that supports this, by awarding 5 stars (the maximum) in each category and subcategory of safety, making it the first SUV to reach 5 stars in all of the world”.

Not only has the Model X achieved these incredible scores, it has also set a new standard for bodily injury risks, since the data published in the test, demonstrate that this Tesla has the least possibility of bodily harm ever, from all the SUVs tested since always, and not only this, but the Tesla SUV is also the second safest car ever in passenger protection, being surpassed only by Model S.

In addition to the Model X being able to withstand accidents by protecting its occupants, it can also avoid them due to Tesla’s automatic driving system, and the test company has already reported that the brand’s autonomous driving system is able to reduce the possibility of accidents by around 40 percent.

Since the human being is the primarily responsible for most of the accidents that occur around the world every day, this report shows that self-driving cars are here to stay and make us live safely for many years, and it seems that is the only car safer than a Tesla, is just a Tesla with autonomous driving!