Tesla Model 3: now is always drifting


Elon Musk has just released an update for the $ 64 000 version of Model 3, the performance version of the car that dramatically increases the performance of the car, known as “track mode”, and this new update promises to make the delights of all drivers apologists for a sporty and aggressive driving style.

The mode, is designed to essentially be used on tracks or closed roads, and will allow for more incredible capabilities than the ones the brand has already accustomed us, drift around the corners and get a faster response when accelerating, and this new update will be available for free to all those who paid for the Model 3 performance pack.

As you can see above, the response is perfectly incredible, and this new update comes to do what until now had not been made available, to bring a greater aggressiveness to the curve behavior of the Tesla, since the beginning, it always been the main focus of the brand, to allow an accelerated acceleration in a straight line, and a fast but steady curve, unlike the now allowed, that allows to entertain the most experienced and demanding drivers.

Not only this, but the new mode allows for the Model 3 owners to do a number of small adjustments, such as battery temperature, and fine tuning of traction control, to allow for that extra sporty behavior.

Elon Musk also responded briefly to a request for inclusion of a canine mode, which will be useful when the owner needs to leave his canine companion in the car, and this mode, when activated, will activate the air conditioning as well as let music playing, besides informing on the main screen something like “I’m fine, my owner must be coming back”, to inform that the animal was not forgotten inside the car.