The Tesla electric truck will have autonomy for 482 km


It will be this September that Elon Musk will present the Tesla electric truck. Information on the vehicle and its launch is still sparse, but Reuters has now revealed that this truck will have a range of 200-300 miles (321-482 km), with a single charge.

Although this is not an extraordinary or ideal autonomy for a vehicle of this type, it is still without a doubt a good starting point for the implementation of Tesla technology in these heavy vehicles.

Elon Musk has promised to reveal a prototype of the Tesla electric truck as early as next month, and according to data provided by Reuters, this truck will have a maximum range of 482 km.

It should be noted that the diesel models have on average an autonomy for 1000 km with a single tank. But although it seems that this truck has little autonomy, compared to diesel models, it is worth noting that in the United States, according to Fleet Complete (a company that analyzes freight data), about 30% of the transport journeys of goods are between 160 and 320 kilometers.

With the name Tesla Semi, Elon Musk aims to launch this truck in the market within two years. The initial question was whether an electric truck could carry large loads, something Musk says has already been achieved.

This is undoubtedly a bet on a segment of great importance, since there is a high consumption of fossil fuels. This is indeed a bet on a completely different level and certainly that Tesla will measure up.

Mitsubishi Fuso Truck, of the German group Daimler, has already started production of the Fuso Ecanter electric truck, whose factory is located in Portugal, more specifically in Tramagal, Abrantes.