Temperatures on the planet Earth will continue to rise


The most recent study on the temperatures of the planet Earth, warn of warming it by two degrees by the end of the century, a goal that is referred to as avoidable, that is, the increase can more than double, Research at the University of Washington.

Warming the planet by two degrees by the end of the century, a goal that is referred to as possible to avoid, can more than double, according to a University of Washington research released earlier this week. The international community agreed in the so-called Paris Agreement to combat global warming (by limiting the emission of greenhouse gases) so that the temperature rise would not exceed 1.5 degrees Celsius (not the Was the previous goal).

Still, the research now disclosed, considers it very likely that the temperature of the planet exceeds this target. The study used statistical tools that indicated that there is only a 5 percent chance that planet Earth will heat only minus 2 degrees by the end of the century. The possibility of heating 1.5 degrees or less is 01%.

“Our analysis shows that the 02-degree objective is the best scenario”, said lead author Adrian Raftery, adding that a major effort would be needed on all fronts over the next 80 years.

In contrast, the projections indicate a 90% chance that temperatures will rise between 02 and 4.9 degrees Celsius in this century. “Our analysis is compatible with previous estimates, but concludes that the most optimistic projections are unlikely to happen”, Raftery said, adding that the planet is closer to the “edge” than people actually think.

Those responsible for this research worked on three scenarios of greenhouse gas emissions, and used statistical projections based on 50 years of data from countries around the world. They found an average heating value of 3.2 degrees by 2100, with a 90 percent chance of global warming in this century between 02 and 4.9 degrees.