After all T. Rex was not that fast


A recent study shows that the maximum speed of this prehistoric animal was “only” 20km / h. Not as fast as thought.

This is still today one of the most historic, spoken and known predators that ever walked on our planet Earth, but this one did not run as fast as if it had always believed. Despite reaching 20 km / h, T. Rex did not run the way we have always imagined, and even some movies did.
In this new study, conducted by scientists at the University of Manchester in England, it is explained, through computer simulations, how the speed of the popular dinosaur was at most “only” 20 km / h.

Although the study was initially aimed at a speed of 30 km / h, when the strength and weight of the skeleton were taken into account, this number decreased. That is, if this animal tried to run, its legs would collapse under its enormous body.

“T. Rex is everyone’s favorite dinosaur, and paleontologists have been arguing for years about how fast they could run because it would tell us something about their hunting style and how they picked up their prey”, said Professor William Sellers, According to the BBC.

“This project used a very realistic computer simulation to predict how T. Rex would move and show that running would be impossible because the skeleton was not strong enough. That means it was slow and therefore not a predator of Persecution”, he added.

Thus, with this information, this study also concludes that the race was “unlikely in any of the great predatory dinosaurs, but does not mean that the small ones were not fast”. Given its growth, T. Rex was slowing down and changing behavior patterns, something scientists are now hoping to see and be able to subsequently confirm.

“This helps a lot to paint an image of what life was like in the Cretaceous period, when there were several dinosaurs”, Sellers concluded.