Study identifies the most addictive foods


Pizza, chocolate and chips lead the top of the most addictive foods, and these lead to some impulsive behaviors similar to those caused by some drugs.

Based on the principle that highly processed foods act on the body just like some drugs, a study by the University of Michigan, USA, has now found out which foods are the most addictive and impulsive.

504 people participated in the study, in order to evaluate which foods, from a list of 35, associated more with addictive behaviors, on a scale provided. The study also took into account the composition of the food, to verify this correlation.

The preliminary conclusion was that not all foods are equally implicated in food addition behaviors, highly processed foods share some characteristics with drugs, such as taking a high dose and rapidly absorbing it through the body. And this characteristic is particularly associated with food addition behaviors.

The study was published in the journal Plos One, and says that additive substances are rarely found in their natural state and gives the example of grapes, which are foods that do not change behaviors when consumed naturally, but become addictive when processed in wine. The same goes for poppies when they are processed into opium.

“A similar process can happen in our food chain. There are foods that naturally contain sugar (eg, fruit) and others that naturally contain fat (eg, nuts). But rarely both, sugar and fat, are simultaneously in the same food, in its natural state. But many processed foods have high amounts of both, such as cakes, chocolate or pizzas”, the study said.

All these foods, because they have a lot of sugar and fat, are highly comforting and trigger addition and impulsiveness behaviors.

The 10 most addictive foods, from the most addictive to the smallest are pizza, chocolate, packet chips, crackers, ice cream, chips, cheeseburger, soda, cakes and finally cheese.