Stephen Hawking says that “Humans need to leave Earth”


Stephen Hawking said, more precisely that, “I am convinced that humans need to leave the planet Earth” and “return to the moon”, words of the British physicist who defends with the same force to send astronauts back to the moon.

“I believe humans need to leave planet Earth”, was the hallmark of British physicist Stephen Hawking at the Starmus Festival. This belief comes at a time when the scientist also advocates the need to build a lunar base as well as sending people to Mars by the year 2025, the BBC reports. All this thinking of a single concrete purpose, “the future of humanity”.

Stephen Hawking spoke at the Starmus Festival, an event that promotes science and the dissemination of scientific culture, held in the city of Trondheim, Norway. The realization of this objective would allow the construction of new alliances, “rekindle” space programs and give humanity an assumption. When asked whether the investment should not be made in problems on planet Earth itself, the physicist said yes, that this aspect was important, but nevertheless stressed that thinking of space as a hypothesis was essential to protect “the future of humanity”.

“I am not disputing the importance of tackling climate change and global warming, unlike Donald Trump who may have taken the wrong decision the world has ever seen”, he added, referring to the US exit from Agreement of Paris.

Stephen Hawking argues that the measure could unite “competing countries around a single goal” in order to meet a challenge that concerns all of humanity. He concluded by saying that a new space program would stimulate the younger ones to take an interest, even in areas such as astrophysics and cosmology.

The NASA Space Agency has no plans, for the time being, to return to the moon, but has focused its plans on sending astronauts to the red planet by 2030. However, the head of the European Space Agency (ESA), Jan Woerner plans to build a lunar base by the year 2024. In order to test the best location of the building, ESA is collaborating with Russia to dispatch a spacecraft.

“I firmly believe that we must begin to look for possible alternatives to live in. We are running out of space on planet Earth, we need to stop the technological limitations that prevent us from living in another place in the Universe. Of my colleagues will talk about it next month at Starmus”. So, he ended his speech by saying that we have only one more century on Earth.