Sony could launch two PlayStation 5 and Microsoft two Xbox Series


The lack of official PlayStation 5 news is accelerating rumors about the console. The most recent was advanced by a well-known neoGAF portal user (via IGN), who indicates that both Sony and Microsoft are going to start the new generation of consoles with two systems each. This means that, at the end of the year, we should have two Xbox Series X and two PlayStation 5 on the market.

The same source supports the rumor with sources close to the subject and says that Sony will launch the Pro model shortly after the release of the standard version. NeoGAF explains that this is the version that will compete with the Xbox Series X, the 12TFLOPS model presented in the latest edition of The Game Awards.

Also according to this information, the PS5 base edition will have 9TFLOPs, a value that will be in line with the base version of the Xbox Series.

“This explains why people are advertising conflicting data about each of the platforms,” ​​says forum user VFXVeteran.

Regarding prices, it is stated that “the most powerful models will be expensive”. VFXVeteran stresses that a decision has not yet been made about the value, but he adds that it should be around $ 600, although there is a possibility of exceeding this threshold. “The price of XSX and PS5 Pro is a huge concern – it could reach $ 800. XSX is literally the latest development from AMD. The price may interfere with Nvidia’s 2080 series card if it is much lower than the 2080 Super.

It is known that it is certain that we will have new consoles from Sony and the Xbox Series on the market by the end of the year. The more robust versions will be released later, although it is not known how long after. If the rumor is confirmed, this would be the first time that companies would launch more than one model to introduce a new generation of consoles to the market.

Source: SapoTEK