The sixth sense of the human being


Have you ever felt that something is watching you? If you have had this feeling, know that it is not the only one. A developed study revealed that 94% of people already experienced the sensation of being observed at some point in their life. For researchers, this sensation has a scientific explanation.

This recent study reveals that the human mind, more precisely, the brain, has an innate mechanism that detects and displaces our focuses of attention. Newborns, for example, look at faces with a direct eye as a result of a physiological and psychological response.

The eyes of humans are very different from the eyes of other species. The white area of our eyes makes them easier to detect. Even the darker eyes, of other animals, are like a weapon to ward off predators.

The human eye is optimized for the detection of the world around you. Thus, it is easier to determine if someone is watching us. In addition, there are other clues that can tell us if someone observes us, all this is possible thanks to our peripheral vision and also to the position or movement of our head.

Even when people are wearing sunglasses, it is possible to see if they observe us, just by making a simple and quick reading of their body posture. According to Dr. Harriet Dempsey-Jones, a researcher in Clinical Neuroscience, Department of Neuroscience, University of Oxford, humans live a paranormal gaze detecting effect, which happens when we act as observers. There is also an unconscious mechanism, which leads us to feel the eyes of others.

If you feel you are being watched and turn to check the viewer in your field of vision, you may notice that it will look, thus giving you time to change the direction of eye contact.

The patterns of human observation are quite interesting, for example, people with autism spend less time fixing their eyes on others. While socially anxious people, they fixate the eyes more than those with low anxiety.

It seems that the human vision is more complex and surprising than we imagine, and perhaps this is the most accurate sense of human beings. He may even be the main responsible for allowing us to have access to this sixth sense, something special, mysterious and profound.