Sentinel-5P is being prepared to analyze the air quality from Space


The ESA satellite, Sentinel-5P, has been in orbit since mid-October and there is even a time-lapse video showing the months of preparation for this important mission as well as the launch of this air quality watchdog.

The Sentinel-5P satellite is reportedly “safe” and “in very good health”, and remains “carefully handled to be placed in its operational orbit”, the European Space Agency (ESA) announced.

The Sentinels are a set of satellite families that were designed and developed under the Space Component Program in order to meet the requirements of Copernicus.

The Sentinel-4 and -5, are dedicated to atmospheric monitoring missions, and the instruments of this mission will be installed on satellites of EUMETSAT. Some of the units will begin to be launched only from 2020. To avoid the discontinuity of atmospheric data, in 2015 the Sentinel-5 Precursor has already been launched. Now the Sentinel-5P. Copernicus also includes the Sentinel-6 mission, dedicated to applications in the field of geodesy and oceanography.

Thus, integrated into the Copernicus mission, developed by ESA in cooperation with the Netherlands, Sentinel-5P was launched on 13 October from the north of Russia at the Plesetsk cosmodrome.

A time lapse video shows the last months of preparation and its release.

Sentinel-5P is now in the planned phase of decontamination of the Tropomi main system, which will take “another couple of weeks” until completing.

Therefore, in theory, the air quality monitoring will begin in about six months.
This is the sixth Sentinel satellite of the Copernicus program that integrates the environmental control network, monitoring the environment and also supporting some activities in the area of security.