It seems that Mercury is cooler than thought


Mercury, is the first planet counting from the Sun, as such, the hottest, right? Wrong, and it looks like it’s rather icy. Although this is the first planet from the sun, it is not at all the hotter, this place belongs to Venus, but what we did not know was that the amount of ice on the first planet was so big.

According to a new study presented by scientists at Brown University, analyzing the data from the NASA Messenger probe that orbited the planet between 2011 and 2015, and due to the analysis by the map of elevations and depressions of the planet, it was possible to detect the areas of the planet.

After being calibrated, it was able to detect readings, which reveal the existence of three large craters with large ice deposits, and the combined crater area, is about 3400 square kilometers. In addition four other ice deposits were detected, each with about 5 kilometers in diameter.