Samsung has created unbreakable OLED screens


Samsung’s display development unit, Samsung Display has just announced that it is working on a new type of unbreakable OLED screen, which has already received the safety and endurance certification from Underwriters Laboratories (UL), the company responsible for the sector by the Occupational Safety and Health Administration of the US Department of Labor.

The certification by this laboratory involves several tests and shows that the screens withstand at least 26 drops of more than one meter high and that have withstood extreme temperatures without any damage on either side or edges of the screen and the screen even managed to withstand a fall test of nearly two meters.

Samsung intends to apply these new screens not only to smartphones, but also to the automotive industry, military devices, handheld consoles and tablets. The new screen is designed to be used on mobile devices and is also made with plastic, extremely light and has a high resistance, very similar to glass.

The process of creating the screen has its bases on the overlapping of the unbreakable substrate, over the screen, making it not only unbreakable but also flexible, thus presenting an alternative to the current generation of flexible screens which according to Samsung show a fragility in the resistance field. Since the new screen is certified for use in the consumer market, the South Korean brand intends to incorporate it into its next device to be introduced, the Galaxy Note 9.

It is quite likely that the South Korean giant also presents its already well-known concept of smartphone with foldable screen, Galaxy X, which according to the information available so far, can be folded into thirds and according to what is known will have a screen of 7 inches.

Samsung introduced a video demonstrating the resistance of the new OLED screen, when the news were reported, showing that it does not break even when it is hammered.

You can see the video provided by Samsung below: