Russia has created a spy-proof Smartphone


A new Smartphone created by a Russian company InfoWatch, is second to the same, spy-proof. As the technology that surrounds us evolves and becomes more transportable, as well as its connectivity becomes simpler, questions of security and privacy naturally arise.

We all like our privacy and being assured that it is not being violated by unwanted spies or hackers, and although most of the Smartphones in the market promise security for the user, none of these can compare to what’s now offered by Russian computer security firm InfoWatch Group.

TaigaPhone, unveiled by company president Natalya Kaspersky on Friday, promises to be spy-proof, and maintain the user’s privacy, and designed for the enterprise market, said Kaspersky’s Lab co-founder.

InfoWatch CEO says that the users of TaigaPhone will be able to control the information that is shared over by the phone, thanks to the system developed by Taiga System, the firmware prevents someone from invading the phone and stealing information from it.

This Smartphone protects not only the user’s information, but also protects access to the user’s location and data theft, and since much data theft occurs on mobile devices, the company has decided to try to solve this problem by creating the TaigaPhone.

The phone has a 5-inch screen and is almost on the market, the price is expected to be between $ 200 and $ 260, although it is not yet known in which countries this device will be available for purchase.

Whether or not it is available for purchase, this smartphone is a sure step in the future of all smartphones, as user information is invaluable and should always be protected at all costs.