The reason why that song gives you chills


Many of the people who really love music feel when they hear certain songs or parts of them, a shiver running through the body, and it seems that there is a biological reason behind the phenomenon.

According to a new study, there is a tangible reason why this event occurs in some people, but it does not seem to manifest in other people.

The study looked at the behavior of 20 volunteers, half of whom previously reported feeling goosebumps while listening to some songs, while another half said they had never felt such a manifestation. The brain activity was analyzed by magnetic resonance imaging known as MRI, to examine the differences between the two groups.

Volunteers who reported chills when listening to music had a higher volume of brain fibers that serve as a connection between the sections that process auditory information and emotions. The researchers concluded that the higher the volume of fibers, the more efficient the processing between the two sections, also concluded that those with stronger connections could consequently feel more intense emotions in general, not just while listening to music.

When we experience intense emotions, adrenaline runs through our body, and is usually produced in extreme situations, such as when we are in danger or in fear. But a very strong emotion may generate a similar reaction, for example a romantic scene from a movie or a particularly dramatic scene or that song that he likes so much.

The reason behind this is unclear, but there is a theory that adrenaline release may be linked to the increase in dopamine, which is the hormone responsible for the reward response, which is basically our expectation.

Another study, conducted by the University of York, concluded that music has the ability to help us control our emotions, and this discovery was made when the team sought to understand how listening to certain musical pieces awoke certain emotional responses and created a relationship with music.

The study also concluded that listening to songs classified as sad, people were happier.