Puerto Rico powered by Tesla


Elon Musk promises and delivers, and has just restored power to a hospital in Puerto Rico, thanks to the combination of its solar panels, with Powerwall batteries, according to the same disclosed on Twitter.

The CEO and founder of Tesla offered his support to help the island of the Caribbean by making available hundreds of branded batteries to help the island recover from the devastation that followed the devastating passage of Hurricane Maria through Porto Rich.

Musk’s company is not the only American working to restore power to the island, Montana Whitefish Energy’s two-year-old company is also in the race to return electricity to the island and managed to secure a contract worth 300 million with the island’s electricity regulator to create a new infrastructure to power the island’s main industrial facilities and thus restore the island’s economy.

Puerto Rico has taken the strategic decision to build a new and improved network on the island instead of recovering the existing power grid and Tesla’s spectacular results at the facilities of the Hospital del Niño show that the use of solar energy, therefore renewable, and storage batteries, are in fact a very viable and efficient solution, as well as extremely fast to implement and safe, quickly bringing electrical energy to these areas so affected by this huge tragedy.

This again proves that the future of electricity grids is in the use of this type of network, much less exposed to natural disasters, more resilient, environmentally friendly, and economically far less expensive in all respects.