Probiotic beer created and it’s healthier than the common one


This alcoholic beverage should help the digestive and immune systems, bring more health benefits than the common beers we know.

It was the researchers from Singapore who created a beer with probiotic bacteria which they say promises to improve the immune system and digestive health. This beer contains several probiotic bacteria, which are health-friendly, will taste sweet and will contain about 3.5% alcohol.
Responsible and brewer of the drink, Alcine Chan, told Reuters it took a year to find the perfect recipe. “Hops, one of the main ingredients in beer,” kills probiotics, so we had to find a way to make probiotics go way past hops, “the researcher explained.

The drink began as a last year project of Chan’s only 26-year degree and has now been established in the laboratories of the National University of Singapore. Chan hopes beer will now be welcomed by consumers once it reaches the markets.

By now the beer has yet to receive a name and be patented. The probiotic products it contains tend to help improve the digestive system and immune system. Every 100 ml of beer, there are about one billion probiotic organisms. Chan also said that this idea came about when he saw and analyzed better existing products containing these bacteria such as yogurts, among other dairy probiotics.

“Beer is simply a new vehicle for delivering probiotics and associated health benefits”, said project supervisor Liu Shao Quan.

However, researchers have not yet released the nutritional values of beer, which is also a relevant factor for the health of beer consumers. Chan’s team has also tried to turn coffees and wines previously made with lychee and durion fruits into various probiotic drinks.