This is PlayStation Classic, fun and simple


Meet the Sony miniature console that promises to bring back the nostalgia, of those classic games that brought us so much fun during our childhood. The PlayStation Classic is a simple yet brilliant console and will hit the markets next month and should cost around $99.99.

The console has a retro design, and at interface level is also quite simplified, not having a connection for wireless commands, this connection is guaranteed through a usb interface, and two remotes with a 1.5m cable, which is a positive point, because it allows for two play game mode, with some distance from the tv.

Although the remote controllers are usb, they cannot be connected to other devices such as PlayStation 4 or a PC, and the remote does not have any buttons to return to the menu, forcing it to restart the console whenever you want to change game, in our opinion, is to bring back nostalgia.

One thing is for certain, any fan of the PlayStation 1 is certainly a fan of the PlayStation Classic, and the new console, will hit the markets on December 3, priced at $99.99, including various games, such as irrefutable classics , Tekken 3 or Final Fantasy VII, and the only defect we can point to, is really the lack of the button to return to the initial screen without having to resort to the reset button, but this is a problem that also exists in the NES Classic and SNES Classic.