Peru rebuilt a facial replica of former leader, Moche


Moche, one of Peru’s ancestral leaders, was buried at the age of 20, had her body meticulously tattooed and was accompanied by weapons and some gold objects. The “Señora de Cao”, now has a facial replica that has already been revealed.

It was about 1,700 years ago that Lady of Cao (Lady of Cao, in Portuguese) died that she was believed to have been ruler of a valley in the desert of ancient Peru. She was buried at the age of 20, with her body all tattooed and in the company of both weapons and gold objects.

Today, almost two millennia later, it is possible to see a replica of one of the faces of the Moche civilization, the re-creation that was officially presented last Monday by archeologists, the BBC reported. At the end of ten months, through the technology of 3D imaging and forensic archeology, based on the skull structure of the Lady of Cao and an ethnographic research, the replica was created, said the Ministry of Culture of Peru.

The presentation was made, “we have the privilege of announcing this strange combination of future and past, technology has allowed us to see the face of a political and religious leader of the past,” said Salvador del Solar, Minister of Culture. He explained that the aim of the revelation would be to bring the world closer to one of the best archaeological discoveries and to remind Peruvians of their cultural heritage.
“Now we can show the world her face, the face in which the Peruvians look,” he said.

The recently performed autopsy revealed that the leader was in her 20s when she died, probably in labor or pregnancy complications. Her feet, legs and face were tattooed with magic symbols of snakes and spiders, and the richness of the burial place suggests she may have been a priestess or even a ruler. The evidence cut off the belief that only men held positions of power in the ancient Moche civilization.

The replica of Señora de Cao is the result of a collaboration between archaeologists, the Wiese Foundation and the company FARO Tecnologies Inc and will be on display at the Ministry of Culture in the capital of Peru, Lima, during the 16th of July. Later, it will be shown at the museum in El Brujo.