The origin of radio waves detected in 2007 was discovered


The rapid-fire, highly energetic blast that scientists “heard” 10 years ago, came from a dwarf galaxy, 3 billion light years from Earth. It is the latest revelation from the US Science Foundation.

There is now a knowledge of the origin of the rapid radio burst, first detected from deep space, in the year 2007. According to the United States National Science Foundation, these pulsating, highly energetic radio waves originally detected by the Observatory Very Large Array, may have come from a very dim dwarf galaxy, three billion light years from Earth. In ten years, this blast had only been detected once and only for a few milliseconds. Another 17 bursts have been detected since then, but none have been recorded repeatedly.

FRB 121102, is the technical name with which the scientists baptized this gust, that has been the object of many conspiracies in the last ten years. Some people believed that it had been sent by the material ejected by a black hole, some people argued that so much energy could only come from a giant star, and there were still those who did not put aside the hypothesis that this was a message sent by aliens.

Now there is more information on this blast: according to Shriharsh Tendulkar, a member of the University of Montreal who studied the signal, “all these explanations have been removed, at least for this particular gust”, he said.

This rapid radio burst was accompanied by a second, persistent, weaker, continuous radio wave emission. According to the study published in Nature and the Astrophysical Journal Letters, more accurate observations made recently proved that this blast must originate somewhere more than 100 light-years from our planet. And it may even have the same energy as the most energetic burst: “We think these bursts and the continuous source may originate from the same object or be in some way physically related to it”, explained Benito Marcote, Very Long Interferometry in the Netherlands.

Although it is now known that FRB 121102 originates in a very distant dwarf galaxy, there is still no certainty about which body is creating it.

Scientists point to the possibility of being an extremely dense neutron star, probably a magnetar with a very strong magnetic field surrounded by what remains of a stellar explosion.