Only 100 seconds to midnight on the Doomsday Clock


For these reasons, the Doomsday Clock advanced another 20 seconds towards midnight, the closest ever to the “apocalypse”. This milestone is the warning from the scientific community that is part of the association with world leaders and population for the most dangerous scenario ever “even more than in the shadow of the Cold War”. It’s 100 seconds from midnight …

Despite the alarmist and catastrophic message, Bulletin of the Atomic Scientists also left tips on how the world should respond to these dangers. First, the leaders of the United States and Russia must return to the negotiating table in order to prevent the nuclear arms race, in addition to reducing the alertness of both nations.

Countries must publicly announce support for the Paris agreement on the goal of bringing the temperature below 2 degrees Celsius higher than the pre-industrial level. And for that, there must be changes in the global energy system that must be applied. The association also turns in particular to American citizens to demand immediate action on their government’s climate policies, regarding Donald Trump’s decision to withdraw from the Paris Agreement. And it leaves the alert for those who win the next presidential elections, the duty to resume the Agreement.

Another measure concerns the prevention of nuclear proliferation in the Middle East, especially ensuring that Iran does not break the negotiations. Finally, the international community must initiate multilateral discussions to establish norms of behavior, discouraging and penalizing the misuse of science. The same is true of politicians’ unrealistic campaigns, which draw fine lines between facts and “fantasy political motivations”.

“There is no reason why the Doomsday Clock should not move away from midnight, as it was done in the past when smart leaders took action, under pressure from well-informed and involved citizens around the world,” concluding that people have the ability to unmask the misinformation of social networks and improve the expectations of their children and grandchildren, and that is now the time to act.

The farthest the clock was from midnight was in 1991, when it was 17 minutes away, but previously it was also close, in 1953 when scientists calculated that only two minutes separated the world from perdition due to nuclear tests conducted by the United States and the Soviet Union.

Source: Sapo