A nine-year study demonstrates the effect of sugar to cancer


There has been a long time to learn more about the influence of sugar on cancer, but so far there has been no in-depth study to give us the real dimension of the issue.

Now, thanks to an intense nine-year study, scientists have been able to detect the mechanism by which cancer cells metabolize sugar.

We know that almost all the cells of the human body need a source of energy, and that they acquire energy through sugars present in the meals we make every day, and the cancer cells are not an exception, but they consume a much higher quantity of glucose when compared to the amount required by healthy cells.

This is an event known as the Warburg effect, and may be the one behind the rapid evolution and growth of cancer, the difficulty is to define whether this effect is a symptom or the cause of cancer.

In the past, it was already been proposed that the high consumption of sugars might be the reason behind the high growth of these cells, but so far the problem has beem a lack of a method of cutting the supply of sugar to these cells, maintaining the normal supply to healthy cells.

This is the reason why the biological mechanism behind accelerated glucose metabolism is so important, as this may be the key behind how to cut off the supply of sugars only to cancer cells, and although this study is still not a final answer, is clearly the right path.

The study has proven how the extremely high consumption of sugars by cancer cells, cancer influence and growth at an accelerated rate.