New type of brain cells


A group of neuroscientists have discovered a new way of categorizing neurons at the nuclear level, which will help scientists to better classify areas of the brain.

Mapping the methods of functioning of the human brain is probably one of the most important steps in changing the way humans function at the molecular level, and may even help us find new ways to fight neurological diseases and even eventually improve intelligence human.

Although there are several researchers developing technology to interconnect with our brain and improve its functionality, but before we can do it, it will be necessary to understand how it works at the molecular level and to the smallest detail our brain.

Thanks to a team of researchers from the Salk Institute and the University of California San Diego, who have just announced a very important discovery, we may be closer.

According to one of the authors of the study, Joseph Ecker of the Howard Hughes Medical Institute, a few decades ago the neurons were identified by their shape, but now we are using a different approach and identifying and cataloging neurons at the molecular level, the alteration of the methylation profile of each cell, we are able to know what cell type this is for sure with precision.

This means that in sequencing the molecular structure of neurons, even though they have a similar shape when viewed under a microscope, we have managed to catalog them in subgroups, and can separate them more efficiently.

This research will allow scientists to generate a list of each type of neuron and its functions, and since there are hundreds of different types of brain cells with different functions and behaviors, it is extremely important to know what they represent for the functioning of the brain.

This new form of classification is extremely important as it will help us better understand why certain neurological diseases and eventually how to treat them definitively or even genetically correct the possibility of them.

We live in an incredible time, and all these discoveries will contribute to a better future.