New test allows cancer to be detected ten years earlier


In about two years, a new blood test will arrive to the market, that will allow to detect any type of cancer, up to 10 years in advance of its symptoms manifestation. This giant breakthrough in medicine works as a liquid biopsy, and will allow a much more effective treatment of the various cancers, due to its very early detection, and is based on a simple process, through the simple analysis of the blood of the individual in question, the computer will search for DNA from tumors that are circulating in the bloodstream, not only detecting the presence of tumors and their location, but also knowing how much the cancer has spread.

The truth is that long before any external signs of the presence of any type of cancer are detected, it may already have developed in our body, and the debris of its tumors, already circulate, in most cases, in the bloodstream.

Through the genetic code provided by these debris, scientists are then able to know its extension and in which area of the body tumors are developing, and the idea is to make these tests available, and they should reach the market around the next two years, through the routine blood exams.

Scientists believe that the early detection of this disease will not only increase the success rate of treatment, but also prevent many side effects from cancer progression, as well as drastically reduce the numbers of deaths from this disease, thus saving thousands of lives in the process.

The more aggressive cancers such as lung, ovarian or pancreatic cancer are some of the ones that will benefit the most from this new method, since these types of cancer can only now be diagnosed at very advanced stages, denying then an effective response in order to treat them in a timely manner, and it is estimated that, thanks to these new tests, around 45% of deaths can be saved compared to the current figures, representing an abysmal difference.

According to the tests, the scientists found that the test has a detection rate of around 90%, and scientists are currently working to make this test as efficient as possible in order to save as many lives as possible.

In an initial phase, the tests will be made available to patients with pre-existing cancer risk, and it is expected that in the initial phase the value will be around 1600 €, rapidly descending as soon as these tests are disseminated, then, according to estimates, at € 170.