The new King is back: meet Firefox Quantum


The new version of Mozilla’s browser, Firefox 57, also known as Firefox Quantum, has promised to dethrone Chrome. The new version of the browser that originally derived from Netscape, promises to simply obliterate all the competition and aim to the top.

This new version of the browser of the fox promises to perform amazingly, consuming significantly less resources, thus bringing a better user experience. Mozilla claims that Quantum is about twice as fast as previous versions of the browser, and that it consumes much less RAM than the competition.

But what makes Firefox 57 a completely new user experience is not just the incredible performance of the browser, but also the radical visual overhaul of the browser, which now has a much more modern and bold look.

As with competitor browsers, Firefox’s address bar now also allows you to search by simply typing on it. Firefox 57 also stopped supporting legacy extensions to support WebExtentions API extensions.

Quantum is the biggest update ever since Firefox version 1.0 which was introduced 13 years ago, and was introduced simultaneously for Windows, Linux, and iOS as well as for Android and iOS smartphones.