New iPhone low cost iPhone SE


The new version of the iPhone SE maintains the design of the iPhone 8 with new features and already has prices for Portugal. Can be booked starting this Friday and is on sale on the 24th

Apple on Wednesday announced a new version of the iPhone SE, or entry model of the company, in a virtual presentation with journalists. Rumors about an imminent launch have grown in recent weeks, after reports of pandemic-related delays in production. The first generation of the SE was introduced to the market in 2016.

The screen of the new iPhone SE is 4.7 inches (the iPhone 11 launched last year at 6.1 inches), but the size of the chassis can be deceiving. Like its predecessor, there is no internal main argument. It is equipped with the same processor as iPhone 11 Pro for a much lower price. The highlighted features are still the Retina HD, 4K video and the home button with TouchID. As for the camera, it has image stabilization and a faster autofocus even in low light. Portrait mode, depth control and lighting adjustment tools have also been included.

The new iPhone SE is available in three cores (black, white and red) and can be used in Portugal from this Friday – with arrival on the market scheduled for the 24th. As for prices, starting at € 499 (64 Storage). There are also versions with 128 Gb (€ 549) and 256 Gb (€ 669).