New fabric can create energy through your movements


A new type of interlaced fabric created with gel-coated carbon nanotubes may make it possible to create energy with simple motions. Normally, all the energy that we spend moving, serves only and exclusively for this, but a new type of fabric may be about to change it, the material known as twistron, has already demonstrated in the laboratory to be quite promising, but may soon be revolutionary in using our movements to generate energy.

For a long time we have have been aiming to use small amounts of energy generated through variations in temperature or radio waves and even movement, to charge small gadgets or electronic equipment.

It makes perfect sense in a world surrounded by technology, and where there is so much energy in so many forms, it makes perfect sense to use a similar technology to convert all this wasted energy into energy from which you can profit.

Although the tristron might not be the final answer, it is certainly a step in the right direction. The mechanism responsible for the ability to generate electricity is quite simple, everything is due to a compound of carbon atoms rolled in the form of tubes, about 10 000 times less thick than a human hair, after several tubes of these are interlaced and twisted in order to make them elastic.

Thereafter, they are coated by an electrolyte solution, such as salt water, and by simple movement influence the shape of the carbon nanotubes change, thereby generating electricity. The energy generated by the fabric is incredible, when compared to the simplicity of the technology. With about 1kg of this fabric moving about 30 times per second, we were able to generate an incredible 250 watts of electricity, enough to keep a desktop computer running or even a small heater.

All this would not be the most efficient thing in the world, if it were necessary to generate this movement, but the crucial point in this case is that we already generate the necessary movement all the time.

In the elaborate tests, the scientists sewed this tissue to a t-shirt, and found that simple breathing was capable of generating energy. For now it’s all about lowering the production costs of twistron, but may be in the near future we can finally charge our phones just by moving, guess will have to wait and see.