Mysterious radio signal coming from space


It was a team of scientists based in Puerto Rico, who claims to be a true mystery and does not put aside being an extraterrestrial intelligence behind what they heard while watching Ross 128.

This is no longer the first time something like this has happened and probably will not be the last. Now it happened in Arecibo, Puerto Rico, where a team of scientists has detected a radio signal “mysterious” from space, more precisely star Ross 128, a red dwarf which is located 11 light-years away.

For now, there is no concrete explanation for the source of the emission, captured on May 12, and it is not ruled out the hypothesis of this coming from an extraterrestrial intelligence.

Scientists now try to find a logical and willing explanation. It is early, they say, to say that the signal is intentional and comes from an extraterrestrial intelligence.

It was on this day of May that a team of scientists from the Planetary Habitability Laboratory used one of the largest radio telescopes in the world to learn about the radiations around red dwarfs, useful for perceiving objects around them or even clues about the proximity of asteroids or planets.

Thus, during these observations, “distinctive” radio signals were detected from one of the stars being analyzed.

Ross 128 is a small star, 2800 times weaker than the Sun and in a radius of action close to the planet Earth. The researchers still tried to find an identical sign on the stars adjacent to the Ross 128, but this search had no results.

“The Arecibo Observatory’s field of vision is large enough, so there is a possibility that the signs were not caused by the star, but on the other object that was in the same line of sight”, as explained astronomer Abel Méndez.

Still according to the scientists, there are three possible explanations for the detected radio signals; Emission of type II eruptions from the star itself, emission of another object in the same field of view of Ross 128 or even a fire in the engines of a terrestrial satellite.

The hypothesis of this being an extraterrestrial message is also on the table, although it occupies the last position in the list of explanations given by the investigators.

“We have a mystery here”, said Abel Méndez.