Mysterious extraterrestrial radio signals


They are not new and for decades have been reported and collected numerous radio signals. These signals were supposed to have extraterrestrial origin. But over time and the evolution of technology, many of these signals were identified as terrestrial, one of the funniest examples, was the “extraterrestrial signal of the microwave” that for 17 years intrigued the Australian astronomers and only in 2015 its true provenance was discovered.

However, there are several rapid radio bursts, mysterious and potential “extraterrestrial signals”, which are not accompanied by neutrino flows, and these are truly intriguing astronomers. These enigmatic bursts are explained in an article published in the Astrophysical Journal.

A relatively short time ago, scientists were able to find traces of nine eruptions similar to that of 2007, whose study revealed that they could be of artificial origin, not being altogether excluded, the possibility of being signs of extraterrestrial civilizations, also due to the periodicity of their structure.

More recently, some astrophysicists have discovered that FRB signals are repetitive, thus finding other extraordinary properties of the same, incompatible with the natural origin versions of the eruptions.

Vandenbroucke and his colleagues observed the eruptions with the IceCube neutrino telescope at the South Pole and found new evidence that black holes and strong star explosions cannot give rise to these puzzling radio signals.

“In making observations, the scientists relied on a simple principle – most” space explosions” are accompanied by large neutrino emissions. In this way, if the FRB bursts originated naturally, they would be accompanied by a neutrino flux of equal force.

In none of the cases, the special radar detected traces of these “always-escaping” particles (neutrino). This has proven that gamma-ray eruptions, supernovae, and black holes cannot be the sources of these “extraterrestrial signals”.

In turn, Vandenbroucke commented after this discovery that scientists are closer to discovering the origin of these eruptions. These are more mysterious, since from now on a series of stars cannot be considered the sources.

This discovery of the “non-source” is leaving scientists perplexed, as they raise considerably the unanswered questions. Now, given the situation, the team at the IceCube telescope plans to conduct a further series of observations by FRB eruptions to detect their source sources.