Mozambican conservation areas with over 3,100 animals


The conservation areas of Mozambique have received, in the current year of 2017, more than 3,108 animals. The country hopes that the placement of more animals will make this area more attractive to tourists and will continue to preserve and increase the number of animals of these species.

The Maputo Special Reserve (REM) and Zinave National Park (PNZ) have already received 3,108 animals this year, corresponding to 66% of the number previously forecast for 2017, according to a statement from the National Administration of Conservation Areas of Mozambique. ANAC).

The note also notes that the EMN received 2,325 animals, of which 1,162 were from Big Game Park in Swaziland, 251 from the Ezemvelo Reserve in South Africa and the remnant from Gorongosa National Park.

The PNZ, which is located in the southern province of Inhambane, received 783 animals, including 51 impalas and two elephants from Zimbabwe, 387 pivas and 93 monkeys from Gorongosa National Park, and 250 buffalo from the Marromeu National Reserve (RNM).

Regarding Official Coutada no. 9, in the district of Macossa, province of Manica, received from the RNM a total of 200 buffalo.

“This translocation operation constitutes a historic milestone because it is the largest in the country, and because PNG and RNM have moved some species of wildlife to other conservation areas,” the statement said.

ANAC also hopes that the placement of more animals will make conservation areas more attractive to tourism, thus mobilizing more investment in the sector. But it also considers a focal point for the preservation and reproduction of these species.

Undoubtedly, this translocation operation is indeed a historical milestone for the country and the continent, the expected results are positive and promise to improve several problems simultaneously.