The mesentery, is officially a new human organ


The human being already knew of its existence hundreds of years, but only now entered in the list of the organs that compose the human body. The mesentery connects the intestines to the abdomen and is part of the digestive system.

This is the first major scientific breakthrough of the year, a professor and surgeon at the University of Limerick (Ireland), officially announced the discovery of a new organ of the human body. Although we have known of its existence for hundreds of years, it is only now that the mesentery has been considered an integral organ of the digestive system, explains the university in a press release. The passage from the mesentery to the organ can arouse interest in the investigation of the functions that it performs in human digestion, thus allowing the discovery of less invasive surgical techniques, cheaper, and even a quicker and easier recovery.

However, we have not yet fully understood this new body. We know that the mesentery will be about 15 centimeters, which connect the intestines to the abdomen and also that it is composed of nerves, blood vessels and lymph glands. We also know that in stronger people, the mesentery can be covered by a layer of fat that deforms the organ and can lead to the appearance of hernias.

But it is still necessary to know more about its functions, “We have already established its anatomy and structure. The next step is the function. If we understand normal function, we can understand when it is malfunctioning and when a disease is caused by the mesentery. Putting all this together we find a new branch of the medical sciences”, defended the surgeon.

Until now, it was thought that the mesentery could not be an organ because it was “a fragmented structure made up of multiple separate parts”, as was described. But the investigations made by the physician J. Calvin Coffey, allowed to conclude that, after all, the mesentery is “a unique and continuous structure”.

As an organ, the mesentery can already be studied to categorize abdominal diseases, focusing on this structure. “Mesenteric science now has a specific field of medical science, such as has gastroenterology or neurology,” explained J. Calvin Coffey.

The name “mesentery” means “in the middle of the intestines”. The structure had already been described by Leonardo da Vinci in his writings on anatomical studies.

In these scriptures, the mesentery was already described as a part of the digestive system that allowed to connect the innards to the abdomen, like a hook. However, it is only in 2012 that some scientists have hypothesized that the mesentery is a complete organ and not just a set of structures.