Meet the OnePlus 6T, the new version of the acclaimed smartphone


It was yesterday morning announced the OnePlus 6T, the new version of the smartphone of the brand with the same name. OnePlus has been getting us used to its high-end phones, with launches every 6 months, and this time was no exception, with the brand always bringing interesting new features to OnePlus 6T.

The Chinese brand, a subsidiary of the OPPO giant, has been announcing the introduction of this new version of OnePlus in recent weeks, and finally we were able to observe the results of its efforts, as always, technology-packed, OnePlus 6T does not disappoint at all. in addition, the brand also informed where the new smartphone could be purchased.

In technological terms we have news, although for fans of the brand they are not all good. The OnePlus 6T is the first handset of the brand, not to include a connection for headphones, which has been a predominant point in the brand, as well as the exclusion on the front notification led.

Of course, these two decisions were certainly not taken lightly, and each brought to their advantage, not including the headphones connector, allowed to include a battery of higher capacity, while the removal of the notification led, allowed the decrease of notch.

Let us now turn to the promised news, starting with the OnePlus 6T, including its fingerprint reader directly on the screen, being one of the first brands to do so and clearly the first in Europe and the United States. And speaking about the screen, it was also upgraded, now having 6.4 inches diagonal, and we can also find a larger battery as already mentioned, with a capacity of 3700mAh.

The touch and design of the OnePlus 6T have also been clearly thought through to perfection, being only slightly distant from the top brands, both in appearance and packaging, and in addition OnePlus, as always, includes a screen protector pre-installed, unlike other brands.

The OnePlus 6T is also one of the first smartphones to bring the Android 9 Pie from factory, and this is clearly improved when compared to Google’s version, in the way that OnePlus has accustomed us, thanks to its version of the custom operating system, OxygenOS.

OnePlus has made a major effort to increase its presence in the United States, having taken two historic steps, first, the OnePlus 6T is now compatible with the Verizon mobile network, and will be the first smartphone of the brand to be sold by a store in the United States directly.

OnePlus has not yet been able until now to launch a Verizon-compatible smartphone primarily due to bureaucracies, although it was already highly sought after by US citizens and the telecommunications giant, with OnePlus 6T being then compatible with 233 networks in 74 countries.

In addition, the OnePlus 6T will be sold in all of the more than 5600 T-mobile stores throughout the United States, with the right to in-store display and local advertising, and the brand’s supporters may even purchase the 6T through the plans of payment made available by T-mobile, and the mobile phone will be presented in the store in the same form as the ones that can be purchased from the OnePlus website, with the exception of the particularity that it will only have a SIM card slot, otherwise the price will be similar and the mobile phone will not include any other branding other than that of the brand and will not bring any of the additional software pre-installed, and its installation will then be optional.