Meet the Incredible OnePlus 5


The OnePlus 5 is the incredible new smartphone that comes to the market to dethrone the competition, a more competitive price. By observing the design care around the smartphone as well as its fantastic specifications, it is difficult to believe and accept that this authentic flagship killer is manufactured and arrives at the market by a company that has less than four years market.

Not only that, but also OnePlus 5 is one of the best smartphones of 2017, being for us in the top 3 worldwide, and with a price much lower than his podium rivals. The Chinese startup, is at the moment competing with rivals firms with more than a decade of experience, and thousands of dollars of investment on research, development and design and however, presents a smartphone that in nothing stands behind by the ones presented by these companies.

We know that the company has already impressed the market with the presentation of the previous models, which were already quite promising, but as technical characteristics, and design of this new model are in a premium level.

The mobile phone, launched on June 27th, comes to the market with two versions: an entry version of 64GB of storage and 6GB of RAM with the value of 479 $, and the top version with 128GB of storage and 8GB of RAM for 539 $. Despite having a higher value than previous OnePlus smartphones, we consider a very low price for the equipment in question.

Either version only differs in storage capacity, color and in RAM, we will explore like other specs, starting with what we consider most important of all, a rear camera.

The magic of this smartphone, starts at the back, with the use of not one, but two cameras, that besides giving a hi-tech look, provides an incredible ability to take amazing pictures with macro effect, a lossless zoom, and also features an incredible lens aperture, so this smartphone, will probably take the photos you ever get from one of this devices.

Another point we think we should mention, is the incredible care and importance of the design in the new version of OnePlus, which demonstrate that the company is listening to the market demand, as well as being a much slimmer product with only 7.25mm of thickness (near the 7.1mm of the iPhone 7), the smartphone also includes, unlike the competition, the jack for a headphone connection, and is available in two cores, Dark Gray and Intense Black.

In addition, the smartphone is lightweight, weighing a mere 153g, making it comfortable to handle, but not so light that it looks like it’s going to drop off at the first movement. Another reason for the choice of these cores is the ability to disguise the existence of the antenna in the smartphone’s integral aluminum body, which also has a slider switch to quickly switch between normal and silent sound mode.

Although the OnePlus strangely didn’t opted for the use of a QHD screen, the 5.5″ HD AMOLED screen, with 401 pixel per inch, is enough, and allows us to have a good multimedia experience and is still protected by the Gorilla Corning Glass technology, in its fifth version.

In terms of operating system, the OnePlus 5 comes from the factory with OxygenOS, with an equivalent version Android Nougat 7.1.1, that will receive the new Android O, as soon as it’s available, according to the company. The OxygenOS is extremely light and fast, without having like other brands, tons of apps that serve no purpose to the common user, following the company moto, Less-Is-More.

The OnePlus 5 performance is simply spectacular, making this smartphone the most well placed on the market. It comes with Qualcomm’s High End Snapdragon 835, which features a 64-bit 2.45GHz Octacore processor, complemented by an Andreno 540 GPU, a USB 3.1 phone jack of the USB Type C, Bluetooth 5.0, GPS, Quick Charge, Wi-fi with a speed limit of 867Mbps, and an internal modem with download speeds of up to 1Gbps.

Although the battery having inferior capacity than the previous model, OnePlus spared no effort with its 3300 mAh battery life, and managed to make this battery last more than a day, with a normal use, and almost one with intensive use, which reveals an outstand efficiency for a battery of this size, and in addition to this, the OnePlus 5 comes with a fast charge technology called Dash Charge, which allows you to charge the phone in about 30 minutes, which is crucial when we are talking about a High-End smartphone.

Back to the camera, the OnePlus 5 comes equipped with two rear cameras, one of 20MP and one of 16MP, and a 16MP camera in the front. Once again, the use of these two rear cameras is a reaction of the company to critics to the previous models, which the users considered weak in terms of this type of functionality. The two rear cameras are produced by Sony, with a primary camera of 16MP, and a 20MP telephoto lens. While the main camera has an aperture of f/1.7, which allows photos to have brightness without overexposure, the telephoto lens has an f/2.6 aperture.

The two sensors work in color mode, unlike some competitors that use the second sensor only for contrast, these two sensors allow the use of zoom virtually without any loss, which although not as good as a Reflex camera, it is perfectly incredible for a smartphone.

As for the ability to shoot videos, OnePlus 5 can shoot at 720p, 1080p, 1080p at 60 frames per second, and 4k. Also the front camera features the ability to shoot at 1080p, which is quite useful.

In our opinion, and for the price tag of the OnePlus 5, we consider that this is certainly a smartphone that is worth its price, and is a wise choice at the time of purchase, for any user, especially for photo enthusiasts or more advanced or demanding users.