Meet the car that NASA wants to drive on the red planet


The US space agency is currently streamlining an exhibition about exploration to the red planet, and one of the biggest attractions, is this first version of the vehicle they want to take to Mars.

NASA exhibited this week a conceptual version of the “car” it is developing to drive on the planet Mars. This vehicle was presented at the Kennedy Space Center this week, and features a metal structure over 10 meters long.

The rover was created as part of the exhibit for NASA’s Summer of Mars exhibition, but it already includes several elements that should be included in the final version of the vehicle, which should still be a few years away.

Even so, this prototype already allows us to observe some of the ways the vehicle will take and the team behind this piece took into account the future inclusion of various equipment such as GPS, radio signal emitter and even a capsule that transforms in a removable laboratory.

In addition, the rover should also be able to drill surfaces for sampling and subsequent analysis. The first objective of their missions would be the discovery of water and oxygen sources on the red planet.

The “car” will be moved with the help of a 700-volt battery, which in turn will be powered by solar energy.

The Summer of Mars is an exhibition sponsored by the US space agency NASA, which aims to make known all the efforts and progress that are being made to carry out the Martian exploration to another level. The event will cross part of the East Coast of the United States during the months of July and August.

Plans for the final version of the vehicle go through making it land on Mars within three years.