Luxembourg police already has Tesla Model S cars


The vehicle was chosen to patrol the streets of the country since it is fast and effective enough to intercept suspects.

Police in Luxembourg have recently confirmed that they have acquired two Tesla vehicles for use as patrol cars. Before Luxembourg, Los Angeles police in the United States had announced that it was acquiring 288 electric vehicles to make up the largest municipal fleet of such vehicles in the world. And it happened in the year 2015.

Most of these cars, more precisely, 100 vehicles, were BMW brand i3 models, which were directed to one of the most famous police departments in the world, the “LAPD”. Of all, only two of them were Tesla brand vehicles. This is because most of these automobiles did not perform well enough to pursue criminals. The cars were eventually used by support staff and research teams.

Now it is time for Luxembourg to announce that it is buying two Model S for use by the local police. The geography of the country plays in favor when the subject is battery autonomy, after all, we are talking about a territory of just over 4 thousand square kilometers.

The Model 3 presents an average value, with an acceptable cost taking into account the qualities of the vehicle, and this represents a crucial step in the ambitions of the owner of the company, Elon Musk, to transform the company into a true manufacturer of vehicles in series. The group was created in 2003, and expects to produce about 500 thousand vehicles in the year 2018 and one million in 2020.

The new vehicles are part of a program of the Ministry of Sustainable Development of Luxembourg, which seeks to aggregate electric cars to its official fleet. And, so as not to leave the staff of the administrative departments envious, the administration will also acquire other clean energy vehicles for these departments.