It looks like diet drink aren’t that healthy after all


You know that great diet drink you usually consume because it’s way healthier? It turns out it’s not that healthy after all, and according to a new study, these drinks triple the risk of developing dementia, not only that, but people who regularly consume drinks enriched with artificial sugars, also make it very likely to suffer a stroke, while the full-fat equivalent drink, have no know association with neither condition.

Of course, you should be aware, that naturally sugary drinks are not a healthy alternative either, as they can may be also linked, although no prove yet exists, to this and other conditions.

While this study can’t make a direct link between diet drinks and dementia, when you add it to previous research on artificial sweeteners, you can clearly see how it can damage blood vessels.

Researchers from the University of Boston, studied the dietary habits of more than 4000 subjects during the period of seven years, and then monitored their health for a whole decade. They found that people who consume at least one drink with artificial sweetener, were 2.9 times more prone to develop Alzheimer and 3 times more likely to suffer an ischemic stroke, than those who drink none.

“We know that limiting added sugars is an important strategy to support good nutrition and healthy body weights, and until we know more, people should use artificially sweetened drinks cautiously”, said Professor Rachel Johnson.

“They may have a role for people with diabetes and in weight loss, but we encourage people to drink water, low-fat milk or other beverages without added sweeteners”, she added.

The same research has shown that the regular consumption of sugary drinks, fruity juices included, were also associated with bad memory and brain sizes with lower volumes than the media.