How long will it take Musk to recover the investment in SpaceX


Although incredible, the rockets are hugely expensive, how long will it take for Elon Musk to recover his $1 billion investment in SpaceX’s fantastic reusable rockets? It is true that Musk solved a giant problem in creating and proving the success of this rockets, since until that moment, the rockets simply fell in some desert or were sunk in the sea, wasting away an investment of millions of dollars.

Falcon 9, and in the future, Falcon Heavy, in contrast, were designed to be used and reused from scratch, which means that most of them can be used and reused, thus reducing costs of going to space so low, that the rockets may be ready for a new take-off in about 24 hours.

It took years to get to this point according to Musk, but this is a real revolution in the history of space flights, he also hopes to be able to do two flights next weekend, June 25, in the space of 48 hours, which if accomplished, will be revolutionary.

Musk’s goal is to lower transportation costs into space to a cost where it is financially possible to transport people to Mars, and the Reusable Rockets solution was brilliant on this point, but so far the whole development of the solution has cost about $1 billion, so the question is, how long will it take for the company to recover this giant investment.

According to the analysis done by the Business Insider , it costs about $62 million to launch the rocket, which will bring about $24.8 million to the company for each launch, and if the company launches every two weeks, it will be able to recover the investment between 1 year and 6 months, and if we join 5 annual Falcon launches Heavy, the company would recover the investment in about 4 months. In a more conservative scenario, the company would be able to recoup the entire investment in about three years and two months.

Of course, these predictions estimate that the rockets will always be recovered, if this does not happen, the costs of the company increase and as such, also the time of recovery of the investment increases. In any case, Elon Musk says he intends to reinvest any profits to improve the ability to transport people into space.