Leads about the tomb of Tutancamon’s wife


The reality is that Ankhesenamon’s burial site was never found, yet archaeologists believe that their remains will have to be located somewhere in the Valley of the Kings with their two husbands, Tutankhamen and Ay.

The tomb of the wife of the one who still remains the most famous pharaoh of Egypt may have been found in the Valley of the Kings in Luxor. Egyptian archaeologist Zahi Hawass found the foundations of an unknown tomb where the remains of Ankhesenamon, a woman and also a half-sister of Tutankhamen, may remain.

However, it leaves the warning that it is too early to Absolute certainty of this finding.
Ankhesenamon, married his half-brother, Tutankhamen, when he was only 9 years old.
“We are sure there is a hidden tomb in that area, because I found four foundations”, Zahi Hawass told the Live Science news site.

According to the archaeologist’s explanation, these deposits were “holes dug into the ground that were filled with votive objects, such as pottery, food and other utensils, as a sign that a tomb was beginning to be built”.

“We’re sure there’s a grave there”, Zahi Hawass said again, “but we’re not sure who he is”. According to the archaeologist, radar tracking has already detected a substructure that could be the entrance to a tomb. Now it is necessary to await the start of the excavations, which will then be led by Zahi Hawass.

Historians believe that Ankhesenamon married Tutankhamen when he became king at the age of nine. Following his death, at the age of 18, Ankhesenamon is believed to have married his successor, Ay, who, according to some speculation, may have been his grandfather.

Both tombs, that of Tutankhamun and Ay, were already found in the Valley of the Kings, where the members of the Egyptian royalty were buried. Now, it is suspected that the tomb of Ankhesenamon may be near the place of Ay’s, her second husband.

The excavations will continue and will be unraveled if this unknown tomb always belongs to Ankhesenamon.